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Do not blame the parents

Posted in General on May 21, 2009 by khookhoo

I’ve never had the pleasure for meeting my paternal grandparents. My grandfather passed away just before my parents got married, and my grandmother met with an unfortunate accident when my mother was three months pregnant with my sister. That was 8 years before I was born. My dad has always spoken a great deal about them though, and everytime he does, I can see the glint of a deeply embedded love, that we all keep even when someone passes on to the next world.

He used to talk about how my grandparents, who had 10 children in total, made the best out of life and their love for each other, eventhough they were relatively poor. How his mother, took care of all her grandchildren, regardless of whether they were the daughter’s children, or the son’s children, and laboured over the stove, cooking for her huge family. He used to say that my grandparents were always loving and happy, despite being poverty stricken. And he had the great advantage of being the child of such humble, but great people in their own way.

My uncles and aunties have always been a subject of mystery to me. Throughout the years, I have hardly or never met all of them. My father only keeps in touch with one sister, who surprisingly is married to my mom’s uncle. That is how my parents met. My father does not talk much about the rest of his siblings.

Despite that though, last year, he received a call during after Chinese New Year, informing him that one of his brothers had died on the streets. He was the fourth brother. I distinctly remembered this uncle, as there was one day about 5 years back, my father brought him home to our house. He had been living in a shack with no running water or electricity somewhere in selangor. My father went to search for him, brought him home and gave him a job at his site in Perak.

After 2 days, my uncle ran off again, after failing to do his job. He was supposed to be guarding my father’s machineries, but he ended up drunk and slopping outside the nearest 7-11 every night. My father heard news about him 3 years later, he was now living on the streets, like a madman, begging for money, so he could satisfy his drunken stupor.

Not too long after that, the news of his death reached us. It was sad, sad because he had to die alone, his children and wife had long ago turned against him, for he was violent and drunk all the time. I often wondered how he could have turned out like that. Surely my grandparents are not to blame, they did all they could for their children.

I believe, we all choose the paths in our lives. After the age of 21, our parents can no longer be responsible for the actions and directions that we take. It must be hard being a parent, and watching your child go in the path of wrong. I guess it’s lucky my grandparents are no longer here to see what has become of their child.

But I really doubt it is their fault my uncle turned out so. Inevitably, every parent wants their children to choose the right path, and having done their part in instilling values and bringing them up the proper way, there is nothing more a parent can do.


Ever optimistic

Posted in General on May 13, 2009 by khookhoo

So, another decision stayed. Does it render the decision insignificant then? Well, to me it doesn’t. This just shows that there are more people willing to do the right thing, even if it means being overruled and put into ‘cold storage’.

Any voice, even one voice counts for me. Call me overly optimistic, call me naive, but Judge Aziz Rahim has done the right thing, by following his coinscience and upholding the rule of law. He was after all just ‘doing his job’. But by doing his job, he will certainly set precedent for other judges to follow; afterall, an avalanche usually starts with a single snowflake and builds momentum along the way.

So, I’m not ready to give up yet. Are you, or have you already done so?

Nizar is rightful MB!

Posted in Politics on May 11, 2009 by khookhoo

Thank god for the courts upholding the Rule of Law and judicial precedent. Read the full article here.

I must confess I almost forgot about the ruling today, but thanks to my dad’s intuitiveness when the mainstream media was silent on the issue, he immediately asked me to check online. Predictive of the MSM to keep silent on the issue when things were not in favour of the ruling government proved to be right! Traffic to mtoday and mkini is extremely heavy today. One wonders why…*snigger*.

Praise to those who were involved in the May 7th ‘black gathering’. I guess you guys are feeling less depressed now. Hopefully the case is upheld on appeal!

Black day tomorrow, hopefully?

Posted in General on May 6, 2009 by khookhoo

Just a short note, I won’t be able to go to Ipoh, but I will be doing my part by wearing black tomorrow.

Unfortunately CLP looms in 2 month’s time, and considering the amount of work I’ve put in so far, I better pull my socks up and get to work! Plus teaching and attending classes in between, and hopefully some court exposure if a certain someone is kind enough to allow me to shadow him in the courts, I am regretful to say that I won’t be able to make it this time round to the silver state.

However, I will definitely wear black tomorrow, and hopefully be successful in urging my students and friends to join me in making a statement, wherever you are; at home, work, studying abroad. Let it be the symbol of respecting the people’s choice of government.

By the way, after a thorough mugging of the Criminal Procedure Code, I am thoroughly disgusted with the excessive power given to the AG, and even though this is common practice in many countries, the thought of so much power in Abdul Gani Patail’s hands makes me shudder in disgust. No wonder I hate studying CLP!